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Our Christmas Trees

The Quality of Our Christmas Trees


Our Fraser Fir trees are grown on our farms in the mountains of Ashe County, NC. Our crew cuts trees as needed, so the trees sold on the lot are extremely fresh, unlike those sold at big box stores and small tree lots.

Christmas Tree Maintenance


Our trees are maintained throughout the year through watering, spraying for insects, mowing shearing, etc.

Christmas Tree Characteristics, Smell, Color, Etc.


Fraser Firs have soft, pleasant-to-touch needles, incomparable needle retention, long lasting aroma and strong branches to hold the heaviest ornaments.

Christmas Tree Sizes


We offer a wide range of tree sizes, from approximately 4 feet to 14 feet tall. We have small trees perfect for appartments and condos as well as big Christmas trees to accent large estate homes!

Customer Services


While visiting Kiser Christmas Trees, our staff will be happy to help you pick the perfect tree. We will shake the tree to dislodge any leaves or debris that may have blown in to your tree, then bale it up with twine for transport. Be sure and visit our wreath room inside, where our veteran wreath makers will be making fresh Fraser Fir wreaths, swags and other decorative items. We will gladly accept cash or local checks for all your Christmas tree and d├ęcor needs.

Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh, Fragrant, and Safe

  • Use one of our stands that will hold plenty of fresh water
  • Check water often, keep the stand full. A tree may take up a gallon of water in the first 24 hours and a quart a day after that.
  • Place tree away from heat sources, heating vents, fireplaces, wood stoves, radiators and  sunny windows.
  • Check lights and cords for broken bulbs and frayed wiring.
  • Do not overload electric circuits.
  • Turn off lights before leaving home or going to bed.



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